My Battle with Self Love

My insecurities are showing through. The habit of looking in the mirror and being disgusted with the girl looking back is here once again. The negative thoughts that plague me are running through my head at lightning speed. I've always struggled with major insecurity. The constant feeling of never being good enough. The constant feeling … Continue reading My Battle with Self Love


Tonight’s Drive

The drive home tonight was particularly numbing. The cars passed me in a blur as I reflected on all of the sins I've committed this week. Honestly, these couple of days haven't exactly been in my favor. Well, this past month hasn't exactly been in my favor. Sometimes I felt as if I couldn't even … Continue reading Tonight’s Drive


It seems that I got the bright idea to start a blog. Th sole purpose of this blog is to give a slice of life through my eyes. I started it to also express my feelings, and just to write. I enjoy writing (even though I'm not too good) but I find it much easier … Continue reading Hello!