I am a soul In a temporary body Living on borrowed time Living on a nickel and a dime Striving, struggling, and earning The cycle goes around and around My life is something to remember Or maybe it'll just sink into oblivion Generations after, will they remember my name? Or will I be just another … Continue reading Forgotten



I am alive, I am alive Don't I feel the wind in my hair? the sunlight on my skin Don't I see the way the earth envelopes me? The wet grass on my feet the bee that flies around me All offer some sort of warmth because My soul has grown cold and my heart … Continue reading Alive


The ashes are still fresh. There's a cigarette that's barely lit, smoke gracefully flowing through the air. My heart tells me you stayed. But, my mind knows better. I roll over, and all I see is your indent. The place where your body once was. You left not too long ago. I can't help ┬ábut … Continue reading Ashes