Keep Going

I whisper to myself, "Keep going" Battered and bruised emotionally, My past experiences cut me Like a sword. Learned habits are hard to Break. Learned behaviors are hard to Erase. Keep going This life is like a marathon. Have I reached my finish line? Where is my endurance? Where is my strength? I have to … Continue reading Keep Going


A Desperate Prayer

I get on my knees and pray, To a god that I'm not sure is there. Words repeated night after night Tears shed day after day. Emotions raw, And wounds that time has yet to heal. My words bounce off of these four walls. If they could talk, What would they say? Hands clasped together, … Continue reading A Desperate Prayer

The Funeral

Life as Olivia

please attend this funeral, so I can lay my pain to rest

the pallbearers are my new experiences and the mourners are my new attitude

drop drop several tears down the cheek

sniffles and muffled cries are the only thing I hear

the weather is gloomy, the ground muddy

don’t wear your new shoes, it may get a little dirty

wear black I say.  ladies, cover your face with a veil

so your face will be shielded, as they bury my pain away.

12 feet under the ground, 6 feet extra just to make sure

that the negativity, the doubts, and the cries all go away.

I look up at the sky as the rain paints my face

rain rain, please don’t go away.

Wash me, wash me to a better place.

The flowers around me are dead, brown and shriveled

but they do not take my joy away.


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The sunlight bathes the room in light It paints a glow onto my skin I breathe deeply to clear my lungs bring the new air in, start fresh My drowsy eyes skim the room My ears perk up at the familiar noises Grandmother's voice calls out Her voice is received by my uncle I smell … Continue reading Morning