Tonight’s Drive

The drive home tonight was particularly numbing. The cars passed me in a blur as I reflected on all of the sins I’ve committed this week. Honestly, these couple of days haven’t exactly been in my favor. Well, this past month hasn’t exactly been in my favor. Sometimes I felt as if I couldn’t even face myself in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the girl that was staring back at me.

It was raining earlier and the wet, gloomy weather carried on into the night. Usually, the radio brings me comfort, but not tonight. The music that usually trickles and flows with a steady rhythm seemed annoying, and struck a nerve inside of me. There was a certain loneliness that I felt. It was the type of loneliness that no one can fill, and it felt like I can’t even fill it. I wanted some comfort and escape from these feelings that I was having. I needed some comfort because the negative thoughts and feelings I was having were killing me slowly. They were going through me like a poison.

Those thoughts are still killing me slowly. It feels a little overwhelming to say the least. I’m hoping as the night wears on, things will get better. Tomorrow is a new day…………



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