I haven't cried in 7 days And my last smile was about an hour ago. Is this what it feels like to be normal? Close my eyes and count to 10 1, 2, 3.. My mind begins to melt Into a puddle of happiness, sadness, anger, and disgust. With every memory that comes flooding back. … Continue reading Numbers



I am a soul In a temporary body Living on borrowed time Living on a nickel and a dime Striving, struggling, and earning The cycle goes around and around My life is something to remember Or maybe it'll just sink into oblivion Generations after, will they remember my name? Or will I be just another … Continue reading Forgotten

I Am Free

I am nothing but a soul trying to find peace I have been beaten down to no return. My mind is fragile, my confidence scarred Think positive, but all I produce is negative I feel as if I wander looking for something Something that I cannot find I search I search I search I crawl, … Continue reading I Am Free